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Should i use WordPress for my website?

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We are assuming the more befitting question as, why shouldn’t you be using WordPress website development for your website?? Because the last count for websites suggested WordPress alone powers 27% of the world’s website.  Hence, when facts are presented right before our nose, it makes us question. Is it worth figuring out?  No, it is worth more than just figuring out. It is worth dwelling in-to.

WeCart Online Solutions having had fruitful results with time and experience in website development knows our client’s quandary. Because having a website can be costly. By costly we mean having someone to design, then build ,then maintain. And oh even manage for the website. Plus the arising doubts for SEO’s ranking, it can get cumbersome. But amidst the entire rising question we couldn’t be more proud as being part of the WordPress website development.  And we are here to tell you…no assert you why you should have a WordPress website development.

WordPress websites development fore-mostly are designed 99% SEO friendly. Making your website easily optimized for search engines right out of the box. And better still, Google recommends using WordPress websites. And we know  ‘customers aren’t the only one always right’ but Google too.

There are various of reasons obvious as to why WordPress website development has become the most loved open CMS platform. The reason for WordPress’s attribution as a blogging platform could be the one reason created with wholly user-interface components. But the progression of WordPress took a toll when it became a CMS based platform. Meaning WordPress website development came to be designed for anyone and not just the designers. For everyone we mean the unlimited features WordPress website development provides its users. Making users have flexible frameworks, create, modify layouts and applications.

With more than 50,000 WordPress plug-ins such as slideshows, media sharing it only adds to the functionality and visibility. We also know easy update means easier engagement with your visitors.  After all our visitors are what your websites are for. Magento like WordPress website development is also an open source platform, but with differences. Let us see the differences between the both in brief:

Difference between WordPress and Magento

While both WordPress website development and Magento have their differences  in their own rights, some differences are too obvious to be looked-by. Our services at WeCart Online Solutions however stretch to both the similarities and differences alike. The foremost difference between the both ;

WordPress being a CMS based platform caters to any portfolio based websites with a touch to e-commerce websites too. The e-commerce websites of WordPress however when integrated becomes the woo-commerce. Woo-commerce are however merely a speck compared to the gigantic e-commerce website development, Magento. WordPress  website development has the upper hand with their flexibility, simple interface ,low cost in development and deployment time. Magento websites on the other hand are designed for loading loads of products and their variations.

In simple terms, when it comes to e-commerce websites? WordPress has relatively lesser space to integrate products at which Magento does best.  But unlike WordPress website development which are wholly user friendly Magento demands of professional developers. Creating new CMS just requires a new template file for WordPress.

But for Magento, one need create a whole new module and content. As such differences between both the open source platform abounds. But amidst their differences, we love the free yet amazing themes and the great customization both incorporates for the websites functionalities.

As such

WordPress Features:

Plugin System-Our advanced WordPress API’s create plug-ins prompt your website to extend visibility and smooth functionality. After all, we all need a nudge every now and then. Our plugins does exactly that.

Theme system-It is crucial to stand out amongst the sheep. Hence our experienced developers develop themes of any desire. Not categorizing differences between simplicity and complexness.

Application framework-Your website need WordPress applications befitting your business. Hence we provide features such as user managements, HTTP request, translations. Databases, URL routing and every feature your website is in need of.

Latest libraries: Our WordPress website development comes with all the latest script libraries. Such as JQuery, Plupload, Underscore js , Backbone js. Because our developers are always on a lookout for new tools for a better user experience. ‎


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