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As one of the most successful yet polarizing company in the worlds the IOS application of the Apple Company’s demand have only seem to transcend and with it the need for applications that will make it wholesome. WeCart Online Solutions along-with the Rise have helped developed IOS applications such as GoKisan built in PHP to an open source e-commerce platform, Magneto.

Because much can be talked on and about, without having to do anything about the plight of our feeding hands, the framers. That is when this fabulous resolve in the form of GoKisan with the motive of bridging the gap between the demand and supply started and WeCart Online Solutions as part of their initiative to help strengthen it by combining both the much used shopping portals such as IOS applications that are fully responsive to every device that IOS application can sustain, along with the abundant farmer grocery products which GoKisan plans to bring about a normalcy to the rocky market scenario.