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As customers all around the globe await each season for the newest release of the latest emerging devices so does the applications for Android devices to go along with it. The era of businesses has surpassed form the shrill murky marketplace to the press of a button. With over 87.7 million in India alone using the android applications, it is only fair that WeCart Online Solutions partaking in the app development process make certain for people to fit into the era well suited for every developmentby developing android applications such as Anywhere 2 Everywhere. Anywhere 2 Everywhere is a local search engine site build on PHP bent on bringing the maximum number of businesses within the mat of the country with the meaning of bringing about ease to the process of our day-to- day business activities where sellers and marketers would be able to sell theirproducts at the reliable platform and buyers to buy and choose from the best price source. WeCartOnline Solutions takes pride in mentioning that Anywhere 2 Everywhere is a platform where both buyers and sellers conjoin their hands to market the services and products with their give and takes trategy even more so with the much used portable devices of the android application which WeCart Online Solutions strategically developed.