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The road to success is never as smooth as the butter that goes inside our mouth.

Hence, incorporating technology into the academic pursuits by replacing the heavy, dusty books with mobile computing devices such as tablets and smart-phones to scrap for knowledge & information is more than understandable as to why students do so.

Technology has proven to be a two-way and the better way is the prospect and convenience it provides students a guiding hand during exam times.

One such guiding hand is 49 Test, built on PHP, armed with the most updated contents and technologies that will help aide students in the preparation for objective type examinations.

49 Test also provides students the chance to study, practice tests, mock tests with excellent test preparation programme.

Exams such as engineering or medical entrance tests are already as tedious as it already is.

All we can do is provide a nudge at the right places such as giving students the required depth of knowledge and skills to have them prepared with 49 Test’s simple and user friendliness program.