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What is the difference between e-commerce and woo-commerce?


It is always the wisest choice to invest in something after having being fully cleared of what meets your business needs. With technological advancements, people have adopted websites as a tool to expand their business and open new doors. But then there is this confusion, why are some using woo-commerce while some e-commerce websites as a medium Both e-commerce websites and woo-commerce are for business, but there is a huge difference between the two. Let us hence consider their differences;

E-commerce in simple terms means businesses via electronic means. Meaning they are huge even huger with electronic networks such as the internet. Because anyone with access to the internet can develop e-commerce websites and participate in e-commerce businesses.


But within the businesses too there are yet three types you need to consider for your e-commerce websites. They are B2C or Business to Consumer, B2B or Business to Business, and C2C or Consumer to Consumer. B2C is when a company or a brand sells their goods and services directly to their consumer or general public. Their e-commerce websites will contain features like product description, images, shopping cart etc. Starbucks, Apple etc are examples of B2C.

C2C or consumer to consumer is more like an online auction. It is a business where consumers come together to an e-commerce websites to sell directly to another consumer. Ebay is the most popular online C2C. B2B is when business takes place between two businesses. This mode of business is practised more often now to grow faster. IT firms selling their services such as developing websites, integrating digital marketing to another business are common examples of B2B.

Unlike platforms such as Shopify made primarily for e-coommerce, Woo-commerce is a free e-commerce plugin to enable e-commerce functionalities within your WordPress website. Although keep in mind that woo-commerce has less functionalities that limits showcasing of products. But they also have features like booking, payment options, shipping address options etc.

Know your budget before investing in the e-commerce websites. For a big e-commerce business choosing Magento is a benefit. Because they will allow you to showcase thousands of products for your e-commerce business.

Our advice, settle your score, know your budget and then invest in your e-commerce websites. To know about what is best for your business, get in touch with us at WeCartOnline Solutions.



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