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What does a payment service provider do?

Businesses as a commercial activity are where merchants process payment from the clients or customers. It applies the same to every business be it the traditional brick to mortar business or the e-commerce for commoditised

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What is payment gateway?

  Businesses have shifted from the traditional to internet-based giving constant addition to the e-commerce ones. They could be physical goods businesses or service-based e-tailers. Either way, there is hence a shift with the payment

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Payment gateway making services

Most ecommerce businesses have payment gateway integrated to their website. So are you a merchant who hasn’t integrated payment gateway yet? Then you are still hanging on to the major struggle of payment merchant’s face.

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ICO making services

Trying to raise capital in the traditional method can be cumbersome with a lot of paperwork and a lot of nooks and crannies to fill. Hence, a more advanced way of overcoming such is to

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Reasons to invest in mobile application development

The term ‘mobile’ itself sums up why every business should invest in a mobile application development. Businesses of the modern times have shifted their focus more on the digital sales. Having a mobile application developed

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What to sell on my e-commerce website?

The rise of technology has set the pathway in every field. Its advancement in every scope has also given the opportune for people to set up businesses easier, more convenient and result-instant. In such hopes,

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What is the reason behind the rapid growth of digital marketing in India?

Over these few years we have witnesses the rapid growth of digital marketing in India. More agencies have opened up, more businesses are using it, more are inquiring about it which only points to the

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Which is better for ecommerce development-Magento or WordPress?

Both Magento and WorPress are CMS, both allows you to add, modify and mange content yet one makes for a better e-commerce development. How? And in terms of e-commerce development large retailers and business alike

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What is the difference between e-commerce and woo-commerce?

It is always the wisest choice to invest in something after having being fully cleared of what meets your business needs. With technological advancements, people have adopted websites as a tool to expand their business

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What should you look for while choosing the SEO company?

In the line of marketing sometimes loads of money don’t always necessitate your marketing needs if the importance of online viability to the millions is not targeted.  Recognizing the vitality of SEO services is tantamount to

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