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The process of business-building has advanced form the strident murky marketplace to the palm of our hand at the press of a button. Because technological growth is something that is not determined by how rich or poor a country is.

When the country can produce individuals such as Sundar Pichai, than there should be an assurance that the country is not lacking of further advancements. And to pave the way for the nation’s advancements is to look within the given space itself .

Anywhere 2 Everywhere is a local search engine site build on PHP bent on bringing the maximum number of businesses within the mat of the country and to ease the process of our day-to- day business activities .

Here is a platform where both buyers and sellers conjoin their hands to market the services and products with their give and take strategy. As a local platform for sellers to sell their products at a reliable platform and buyers to buy and choose from the best price source, Anywhere 2 Everywhere is one to make the giant search engines raise up their shields.

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