Customer Journey on E-commerce Portal – online shopping expirience

Customer Journey on E-commerce Portal – online shopping expirience

E-commerce Portals are the day by day growing platforms in the digital world for online shopping. We know the value of online research. Every single luxury buyer uses a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. In fact, luxury buyer’s use an average of three connected devices when making their last luxury purchase, they researched a lot. So here I explain you how user reacts on your E-commerce Portal. Or you can say that types of Online Users…

1- Careful and determinant User

Online shoppers think carefully and research deeply long before buying, using digital to shape their decision 54% of the people start researching their purchase more than 2 weeks  before they are buy.

2 out of three people visit more than 5 sites before they buy. 28% of converters visit a provider site between 3 and 9 times prior to purchasing online

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2. MULTI-SCREEN Performance/Discovery User

Online Visitor use different types of way to purchase any products such as :

you can say that they use mobile, video and search to discover brands and move closer to purchase. Like Video and Mobile Usage have doubled (X2) Search or Mobile devices is up over 300% (X3)

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So Always SAY GOOD BUY NOT GOODBYE to your User –  Every user is important to us so it’s more important to promote your ad to right user on right device our users come from different ways like On Search on Mobile or tablet

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